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If you have been a ’90s kid, you must have experienced the era of play station or game station, the era before intelligent phones. Today’s PUBG era would never have the feel that 90s kids have playing games on that PS. Tekken 3, by Namco, is one of the most popular games played at play station. How about if someone tells you that you rejoice in those times, you can have one of the most played games of that time “Tekken 3” on your smartphone? It’s like going back to those childhood days and reviving those childhood memories.

Tekken 3 into market

Since their arrival, smartphones have been continuously adding up most of our childhood games as various applications. This list has games recently had a new entry with a game named “ Tekken 3” that too with similar graphics as it was during the times of PlayStation 1. This 35MB game has low poly graphics on smartphones maintaining its originality and style making the players nostalgic. Initially, the creators did not launch the game for Android users on the play store but game lovers can have access to the Tekken 3 by downloading “Tekken 3 Apk” using the appropriate emulator. This game is compatible with Android version 5.0 and the next ones. The mechanics of this newly launched game is the same as those in version PS1 of the game. On high–end smartphones, the game runs quite smoothly and it is very easy to control and play on Androids.

Tekken 3 Features

Game Play

Tekken 3 is a mainly related to hand to hand combat. This game has numerous characters with their unique fighting styles and moves, players have to choose one among them. Although the control of the game is similar to PS1 new players might take some time to have reasonable control over moves, timings, and executions to master the game. Tekken 3 is focused on storytelling and has evolved beyond the fighting game to create an engaging single-player – experience.

Game on Android Screen

On left hand side of screen, there is control option for joystick that enable player to control the movements of selected character by using joystick.

All the buttons that you need while playing such as attack, jump, punch, kick, and dodge appear on the right-hand side. Controlling these moves initially may be difficult for players but later, as they get into the world of Tekken 3, the controls get quite comfortable enabling players to try various combo moves at once.

Graphics and Sounds

With diverse and memorable characters, Tekken 3 provides a unique backstory as well as a fighting style for each of the characters. Along with old characters, some secret characters have also been introduced into the game. Packed with content and various bonus modes and levels, Tekken 3 offers players the opportunity to uncover hidden characters, alternate costumes, and special stages as well as rewarding exploration.

Accompanying stellar visuals, Tekken 3 also have diverse soundtracks that include unique theme music of character that reflect their background and personality. These soundtracks have enhanced the battling atmosphere of the Tekken 3 game.


The launching of Tekken 3 into the world of Android smartphones has revived memories from the lanes of childhood. The originality and Style of this game would carry an old player down the memory lanes back to the days of PS1. This game of Tekken 3 is the best if you want to dive back into those times of your childhood. Using “Tekken 3 Apk” you can easily download it to your portable smartphones and rejoice in the memories of play stations over Android at any place and that too any anytime.